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In the professional sphere, I am a blogger, copywriter, editor and content creator. I have written on varied topics ranging from bridal undergarments to My Little Pony to hackathons. I am uniquely skilled at placing myself in previously unfamiliar territory and producing good work on demand and deadline. I am excellent at editing large chunks of text for consistency, efficiency and grammar. Most recently I have been writing marketing content of all stripes for the independent bookstore owned by Jeff Kinney and helping them to develop their voice.

In my personal life, I am a poet and aspiring novelist. I have completed and am querying a YA fantasy novel and am well into writing my second manuscript. I read like my life depends on it (and in many ways it does). If I were to choose two writers whom I most admire it would be Orson Scott Card for his brilliant fiction that transcends space and time and Billy Colins for his poetry that appreciates the value of everyday things.