Jenna Giuffrida

I am a blogger, copy writer and content administrator.

About: Andrea Lynne

I am a dedicated lover of light and life, always seeking out synchronicity, spirituality, and a good cup of tea. I frequently find that one moment confirms the next. My journey, which started with a plastic Barbie 110 film camera as a little girl, has led me down many paths and as a result I consider myself an artistically inclined traveler open to new opportunities, burning to unearth and create beauty in all its forms. I am always chasing after those things that will lead me to a healthy, happ

About: Taryn Dickey

My little girl is so active that it often seems like my husband and I completely revolve around her. We go for family runs in south eastern Massachusetts, we love to be outside, we just do so much together and it’s completely wonderful. I am also familiar with mommy-brain. Where did I put my spoon? Oh, right here. Where was I? It’s easy to be distracted by a million things when you have a toddler running around the house. In fact, it changes everything. It gives me someone to indulge in passing

The Pursuit of Perfect Lashes

We all want them: big, beautiful, mascara-commercial like eyelashes that practically create wind when you blink. And I am no different; I too went in search of magnificent eyelashes fit to dazzle and awe. Unfortunately, I’m no makeup expert. I own exactly one eye shadow brush and one blush brush, and I’m told that this is not a sufficient arsenal of beauty supplies. In light of TwentyTweets Beauty Product Guide: Eyes (Part 1 and Part 2), I had to start my own quest for the perfect eyelashes. I